How to Choose the Perfect Moroccan Wool Rug for Your Room

The wide variety of vintage Moroccan rugs, berber rugs, makes it especially challenging to find a perfect rug for your room. There are certainly a lot of factors that you should put into consideration as we will discuss in this article.

A Perfect Rug Should Create a Visual Appeal for the Room

Most people wither use furniture or an area rug to define their room’s layout. But to create a good visual impact you must also think of how to incorporate the work of art reflected in a good rug.

When choosing a Moroccan Berber rug to add to the décor of your room, select one that reflects your beliefs and aspirations as opposed to just getting one that “looks good” in the space allocated for it. A perfect rug should be able to exemplify your taste and sense of self as well as serve the practical purposes you expect of an area mat.

Finding a rug that’s easy to maintain

The material used in an area rug will either make it easy or difficult to clean. When you decide to purchase a Moroccan wool rug, then you should brace yourself for dedicating yourself to ensuring its cleanliness. It’s recommended that you only shake this type of rug and avoid using a vacuum cleaner on them as this can destroy the attachment of the wool to the underlying material. Also, rotate the rug on a regular basis to encourage it to wear out evenly. Most importantly, hire a professional rug cleaner at least once every year to thoroughly clean and remove any possible stains on the rug.

How to Position an Area Rug Perfectly In Your Room

When shopping for a Moroccan wool rug you should also consider shape and size Vis-à-vis the room that will house the rug. At face value, rectangular rooms tend to work best in a rectangular room just as square mats are perfect for square space. Interestingly, round rugs are also found to be perfect in any room where most of the furniture is round.

The best thing about rug sizes is that you can actually work around the size; there are unlimited ways in which you can design a room around the size. Most designers, therefore, advise that you concentrate more on finding the Moroccan Berber rug that you love as opposed to concentrating on size. But finding a rug that you love is better said than done, so don’t narrow your expectations too much.

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