Our Story

Our Story
Traditional Berber Rugs In Worldwide Households Of Today and Tomorrow.

We are Beni Ouarain Outlet. Our story begins on the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, where families in Berber villages would weave carpets. These authentic Moroccan Berber mats are called the Boucherouite, Beni Ouarain, Azilal, Beni Mguild, Talsint, Beni Mrirt and much more.

Between the Atlas Mountains of Morocco lived a family with a passion. It all began with two dedicated women. The women were born into a family of weavers with knowledge passed from one mother to another. As they stood upon the mountain they vowed to showcase their hand crafted rugs to the rest of the world. And this is exactly what they did.

They took a family trip to the village market to purchase the local, natural wool and started the week with the first step of hand spinning the wool. Then came the knotting process which had taken great skill to ensure the rug is truly dense. Each knot needed to be individually tied and cut so they worked night and day until they reached the end of the week with one meter. They continued for weeks on end until their craft was perfected.

The youngest son of the family questioned what was on the other side of the rug, once his mother turned it around to reveal no pattern she then had an idea. The Beni Ourain style rugs were developed to be used as two sided. A summer side with the pile facing down to keep things cooler and a winter side with the pile side facing up to keep things warmer.

The oldest daughter of the family suggested they represent the family’s life through the rug. Aside from the passion and effort put into the crafting of the rug itself, the designs were more unique than before. The two women followed the idea of their rural life, family, nature and religious beliefs. They used these elements to create intricate designs and patterns that made the rugs special to them. In hopes they would be special to someone else, the women started to sell their rugs across the world. Every Berber Rug is a piece of art with a purpose and a powerful story of a family living between the Atlas Mountains.

Zanafi Rugs

Zanafi rugs are constructed in the traditional way by craftswomen of the Zanafi tribe. Using skills handed down from generation to generation, they feature zigzags, diamonds and diamond shapes, and feature flat weaving construction using 100% virgin wool. Crafted on the slopes of the High Atlas Mountains, the traditional home of the Zanafi tribe, each piece in this comprehensive collection offers a unique, hand-crafted example of the luxurious beauty that the Berber craft is so famous for.

Rich, vibrant colors blend with stunning angular designs to create striking, beautiful rugs that resonate with the spirit and character of its makers. From beautiful blues and stunning oranges to grey mixes that bring out the depth of the material, each Zanafi rug has a striking presence that draws the eye. Ideal as a centerpiece for any space, the pure wool, handcrafted rugs not only look amazing, but have a tactile quality that is unlike anything you have experienced before.

Hand knotted, the combination of fine craftsmanship and soft, supple natural wool create wonderful rugs that are hard wearing, age beautifully and have a wonderfully soft tactile quality. Luxurious rugs based on traditions that stretch back through history, they bring traditional Morocco into your home in a way few others can. The craftswomen pour their heart’s and souls into each piece, and that passion for the work, the traditions and skills shine through in each rug.

Our Zanafi range has something for everyone, with their unique style and beautiful handmade construction these are the luxurious answer for any room. Choose your Zanafi piece today, a culmination of centuries of learning and skill created for the modern world. With so many options, there is a design to suit any room or taste, but whatever your choice, quality, heritage and the Zanafi story are all included in each piece.

Azilal Rugs

Of all the Moroccan rugs available today, whether vintage rugs or newly made, none are more of a mystery than Azilal. It is unclear how long they have been around, who were the original makers, or where the inspiration for these complex, intricate designs may have been. What is clear, is that these rugs are masterpieces that offer something very different, and yet somehow similar to our other rug ranges.

Named after the region of the same name, which reaches from the foothills of Middle Atlas to the Northern slopes of High Atlas, they are some of the most heavily decorated of Moroccan carpets, featuring beautiful color and designs that range from the geometrical or tribal through to images and symbols that can be traced back to the Berber’s unique written language. This gives a unique appearance that blends bold, bright color and ancient imagery that seems to come from another time, as much art as it is a practical rug.

Each rug has the same luxurious feel you can only find with genuine, 100% natural wool, and all are hand knotted on vertical looms by craftswomen following the traditional Berber methods for quality and superb durability. Genuine construction from genuine artisans in Azilal, whatever rug you choose, a piece of Moroccan history comes with it and into your home. Beautiful to look at and a joy to own, they have a tactile quality that is unique to the Berber craft, giving you a wonderful, unique object of astounding beauty for your home.

Each rug is unique, the image you see is the image of the rug you can purchase, with the hand-crafted construction ensuring no two will be the same. Whether you prefer the minimalist geometric designs or the complex, glyph style rugs, you can unlock the mystery of Azilal today and enjoy a truly one of a kind rug that will enhance any room or interior space.

Beni Mguild

Beni Mguild rugs originate from the western central Middle Atlas region of Morocco, and as with most regions, they have their own style. The weavers in this region like to take the designs commonly found in flat weave rugs, and adapt them to their pile weave, hand knotted creations. This creates bold, flowing imagery that captures the joyous character of the weaver herself.

A common theme with Beni Mguild rugs is the darker tones, with earlier rugs dominated by Indigo Blue, but examples also include dark reds and browns as well. Those darker colors provide a stunning backdrop for the design, and they create stunning and interesting effects through the natural ageing process. Our vintage range are carefully sourced to identify genuine, naturally aged rugs that have the character and patina that makes each a unique work of art in its own right.

Whatever your interior space, those darker colors and inventive use of shapes along with the beautiful Berber craftsmanship, create a superb piece of art that will be a conversation starter for everyone who sees it. The Beni Mguild rugs bring so much of the weaver’s character and passion for Berber craft with them, giving any interior space a flavor of Morocco and a reminder of the rich history that represents.

The colors and design may vary from piece to piece, but the pure wool, hand knotted construction, crafted by weavers using skills passed down to them through the tribe for generations, is always there. Each rug is a celebration of the skills of the women who made them, their creativity shines in the design, and that is the reason these rugs are so sought after.

Nothing compares to a truly hand-crafted rug, with our Beni Mguild range offering a broad range of styles, colors and ages to suit every taste and interior space.


Boucherouite rugs mark a significant change in the story of traditionally crafted Moroccan rugs. Instead of the pure wool used in those, Boucherouite rugs use cotton as the main material. They are still hand made with the care and attention that Moroccan rugs are famous for, and artisans from tribes across the regions still use the skills and knowledge handed down over centuries to create them. The change these rugs represents has had a significant, positive impact on the cultural, social and economic situation for the rural regions where they are produced.

The rugs themselves have a texture and feel all of their own, and in combination with the vibrant colors, wonderful patterning and exceptional, handmade quality that all Moroccan rugs have, make for an impressive piece in any living space. With these Boucherouite being made from across the region, there are a wide variety of designs, and whether you prefer the more subdued look or something that offers a more colorful approach, there is a Boucherouite rug that will suit.

The rugs here covered both new and vintage offerings, with vintage rugs having an attractive patina of age, but carefully selected to ensure they maintain the quality you expect. The unique, heavy texture of the Boucherouite rug creates a wonderful effect on the designs and colors, bringing their own feel and tone to your home. Each design is filled with the character of the Berber craftswoman who made it, giving you not only a luxurious, beautiful piece for your home, but a taste of the soul of Morocco too.

Our range of Boucherouite rugs gives you a range of unique designs to choose from, whatever your taste and style there is the perfect rug for you here. With their unique texture and feel, Boucherouite rugs offer a different take on Moroccan craftwork, while still keeping the luxury, beauty and handmade quality you expect.


Found in the Eastern part of the Haouz, the region around Boujaad produces some of the most beautiful Moroccan rugs available today. They have a similar course structure to the rugs made around the Middle Atlas, however the imagery and design within is very different from any traditional rug you may have seen from other regions.

While the designs incorporate the basic shapes associated with Berber craft, squares, triangles and lozenges, these rugs have a less formal arrangement, Designs are driven by the weaver themselves, using shape and color as a pictorial language to tell a personal story or message. In this way, these pieces are characterful and poignant, and like all good art, inspire thought and conversation.

The region has seen an influx of different groups, ideas and cultures over the years, and that diversity is reflected in the rugs themselves. The pile weaves vary, and while they may not have the history of some more established regions as a result, in combination with the expressive nature of the patterning and design, each piece has something different to offer.

Bold use of color and the spontaneity of the weaver in the way shapes are used create striking imagery that looks amazing in any setting. The contrast with the clean lines of a modern interior is particularly pleasing, but wherever you place a Boujaad rug, it stands out as a wonderful, tactile piece of art.

Our vintage Boujaad rugs are painstakingly sourced to ensure quality and character, with the ageing process adding another layer of story to each rug. They bring the essence of Morocco and the spirit of Berber craft to your interior space. Hand knotted in the traditional way and made from pure, natural wool, our Boujaad rugs represent the best of the region, high-quality pieces that bring Moroccan tradition to life, with wonderful craftsmanship and beauty.

Tuareg Mats

These mats have been an integral part of the nomadic lifestyle of the Tuareg for thousands of years, offering simple designs and unique materials, resulting in a beautifully original option for any interior space.

Hand woven using reed material, they use leather for the decoration design, retaining a simplicity that works beautifully with modern décor. With a range of newly made and carefully selected vintage pieces, our Tuareg Mats provide the best that this interesting variation on Moroccan style has to offer.

The simple designs reflect the life of their creators, a nomadic existence that went largely unchanged for millennia. Hand woven from reed., the simple leather decoration allows the intricate construction to shine through, clearly showing the skill and dedication of the craftswomen who made them, and who continue to create these masterpieces today.

Invoking a sense of functional beauty, the Tuareg Mats take us back in time, and with their beautiful, natural reed construction, provide a wonderful contrast with modern life. Our range includes carefully sourced, genuine vintage mats, along with a range of made to order Tuareg mats for you to enjoy.

Our new mats are created by Tuareg weavers, using traditional methods and materials and traditional designs. They are hard wearing, designed for the rugged lifestyle of nomads, and make a wonderful addition to any living space.

The simplicity of these mats and the history that is woven into each one adds a unique flavor to your interior space, bringing the culture, ideals and vision of the Tuareg with them.

From the incredible craftsmanship to the natural materials, each Tuareg Mat is a culmination of a culture that has spanned thousands of years, maintaining its integrity as the entire world changed around them. Today, these mats achieve the same for your interior space, managing to be both practical and beautiful, old and new, all at the same time.

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