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Traditional Berber Rugs In Worldwide Households Of Tomorrow

We are Beni Ouarain Outlet. Our story begins on the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, where families in Berber villages would weave carpets. These authentic Moroccan Berber mats are called the Boucherouite and the Beni Ouarain.

We, at Beni Ouarain Outlet offer authentic textiles that are created, designed and woven by traditional weavers in the Atlas region. We have in our possession a collection of the finest vintage Morroccan Berber wedding blankets and mats. We have been providing these handcrafts to European households as well as homes around the world. Find out the benefits of having such a product and find out how it will fit in your home!

Behind The Scene Of Carpet Manufacturing

We love to think of the Old Continent as a land that craves for tradition and authenticity. Our carpets, too, boast having a genuine feel! Rugs are handcrafted using wool from a special breed of sheep from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. It is a technique that has been passed from generation to generation, hence the genuine quality.

Needless to say that having one or even more of our crafts in your home is like having a piece of the rich Berber history and tradition. The Beni Ouarain and Boucherouite that we carefully handpick for our outlet is a unique and natural feature you can add to your living space.

The beauty of our products explains why it is the newest trend amongst households all over the world! The patterns present on each of our Handira blankets, Beni Ouarain and Boucherouite rugs all have a story to tell. Even though they appear as being abstract, the motives present in these handcrafts reflect the rich tradition, soul and character of the Moroccan Berber tradition.

Our Very Low Margins

Having small margins on our products is one policy we cherish most. We believe that it comes as a benefit not only to our clientele but also to the weavers and even to us! The client gets to purchase these carpets and blankets at very low prices while we, at Beni Ouarain Outlet, manage to keep lower prices than our competitors while making sure the quality of our carpets remains excellent by giving most of the incomes to the manufacturers in Berber villages.

So what are the benefits of having one of our rugs in your home? We have reviewed the decorative features of these carpets. The practical part, however, comes in the craft’s natural warmth and durability.

Warmth And Durability

The Beni Ouarain is made thick so that it would provide warmth during the cold winters in the Atlas Mountains. The thermic isolation properties can be illustrated in their traditional use. Berber tribes would use these rugs as shelter at the entrances of tents or as ways to cover the floor.

Another practical attribute lies in the duration of our products. We, at Beni Ouarain Outlet are committed to our client’s satisfaction by providing crafts made to last a life time. Nowadays many pieces of textile are created in a way that one would have to replace them soon enough. Our rugs and blankets not only come at low prices but you will also never need to change them, unless you are willing to go for a new design. It’s safe to say that our carpets are the most competitive when it comes to price and quality.

Our International Impact

Beni Ouarain ships these handcrafts around the world. We are passionate about sharing this authentic tradition with the world and providing citizens of the globe with premium quality rugs and blankets. Our aim is to provide a sustainable and ecological answer to cold winters by equipping the homes of tomorrow with durable and low priced rugs.

Beni Ouarain Outlet well aware of European trends in sustainable development as well as their need for suitable equipment to keep their houses warm in the cold winter. We are thrilled by the idea that this traditional weaving will have its place in the households of tomorrow!

Provide your home with the warmth of our rugs and blankets today!