An introduction to Moroccan wool Rug


Berbers are a group of tribal people who stay in Africa. While staying there they used to make rugs of their own needs. These Berbers are distributed in many areas like:

  • Atlantic ocean
  • Siwa Oasis in Egypt
  • Mediterranean sea
  • Niger river in West Africa

They used to speak in the Berber language. The meaning of the word Berber is “free people”.  After Muslims conquered North Africa many of these Berber people used to roam about and finally French government was successful in conversation with them in French by declaring French to be the official language. Some of the population of these Berber people are found in:

  • Niger
  • Mali
  • Mauritania
  • Burkina Faso
  • Egypt

And large amount Berbers communes life in:

  • France
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • Netherland
  • Germany
  • And other countries of Europe

The identity of Berbers is generally encompassed the entire history and geography of North Africa.

Berber rugs

These Moroccan berber rug are rugs that are woven by hand by the tribals of Berber In North Africa and Sahara. These tribal people used to make rugs for their own use. They used to make it cover their floor or they used it for burial purpose or they used it to cover themselves or cover their beds. They used to make rugs of traditional and modern design.  Moroccan Wool rugs are one of the most traditional and ancient rugs that you can buy. You can distinguish these   Moroccan wool rugs  by:

  • different knotting pattern,
  • dyes
  • fabric textures


The origin technique of weaving rugs by Berber was started several million years ago as this is one of the oldest and traditional carpet that you can buy and keep it in your home for decorative purpose or to gift someone. They used to create handspun cloth by their own hand and they used to name it for the individual tribe, they also used natural fibers like:

  • Cloaks
  • Rugs
  • Other raw fabrics

Traditional and modern rugs

Years ago the tribes used to make traditional rugs from the raw materials as they were not aware of other languages so whatever they used to get from trees they used those things. They used all the natural sources to make the rugs.  Handmade or homemade rugs are still active in some of the rural areas. Still, now many of the Berber families work and get their primary income by making these rugs. They make it and sell it to the local markets, tourists and merchants. Now traditional Berber rugs are different from modern rugs. Modern rugs are highly available in industrialized markets.  Modern rugs are also available in cultural design which is made of natural materials.

Conclusion:-So you can buy these Moroccan wool rugs and keep it in your house for decorative purpose. You can even keep it on stairs as it will look quite beautiful.


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