History of Moroccan Rug and its benefits


First, let’s find out what is a rug and then we will talk about Moroccan rug. Basically, there is no such difference between a rug and a carpet. You can use this two words, they are used alternatively. Both the words are used for covering the floor. So instead of carpet, you can say rug or vice versa. A rug is basically made of:

  • Wool,
  • Cotton,
  • Camel hair,
  • Synthetics
  • Seagrasses
  • Goat hair

A rug is basically a heavy piece of fabric, generally, a small pile used to cover the floor but that doesn’t mean it will cover the entire floor. It will cover an area of the floor.

Moroccan rug

Moroccan rugs are basically made by tribal people of Morocco. These rugs are being woven by the indigenous people from the Paleolithic era. Generally, the tribal people make this to utilize for their purpose but nowadays this has become an attractive thing which people haul for buying. In the twentieth century, people from west used to collect it in bundles and the tribal people of Moroccan used to make this in numbers without seeking or practicing it. They never took training from anyone to make these Moroccan rugs.  They used to do it to solve their purpose but people started liking it and this has become a unique thing for them and they used to buy it to decorate their own homes. We generally buy these Moroccan rugs to decorate our homes but the tribal people used to make this to solve their problems.


The concept of Moroccan rugs

The concept of making Moroccan rug is very old. No such things are there that we use is as old as Moroccan rugs. They used to make it for their own purpose. Moroccan rugs are of two types:

  • One is very thick, and
  • Another one is very light.


The natives who used to stay in mountains they used to make thick Moroccan rugs to cover them because of the extremely cold climate. And the natives who used to stay in Sahara desert they used to make the light Moroccan rugs because of the hot climate. They used to, make this to cover their beds, even they used it as blankets and burial shrouds.

Reason to buy Moroccan rugs

I think you should buy Moroccan rugs because these are one of the ancient things that you can keep in your home for the decorative purpose. Generally, people buy it to decorate their own houses. They don’t lose value, instead the increase in value.


One of the most ancient thing that kept on passing from weaver to weaver is this Moroccan rug which you can keep in your house as a decorative purpose or you can gift it to someone as this is one of the oldest traditional things.


 Boucherouite picture taken in Amsterdam.

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