Beni Ouarain Journal

How to choose the right rug and all you need to know about the Beni Ouarain Family

The Real Beni Ouarain Rugs

The Real Beni Ouarain Rugs Comes of course From Beni Ourain Tribe There are many Moroccan rugs available in the market and their origin might also be from Morocco but if you are looking for some authentic Moroccan rugs, then you should look for Moroccan rugs Beni Ourain. The authentic Berber rugs are made by … continue reading

The Perfect Moroccan Wool Rug

How to Choose the Perfect Moroccan Wool Rug for Your Room The wide variety of vintage Moroccan rugs, berber rugs, makes it especially challenging to find a perfect rug for your room. There are certainly a lot of factors that you should put into consideration as we will discuss in this article. A Perfect Rug … continue reading

Authentic Beni Ourain Moroccan Rugs

The Rise to Fame of the Moroccan Berber Rugs In the last few years, modern interior trends have been graced by Moroccan rugs. Rugs characterized by high pile fluffs and thick knots of pure wool, like the minimalist Beni Ourain have become a center of attraction in many homes. Moroccan Berber tribes traditionally used ‘flat weave’ techniques … continue reading

Originality Beni Ouarain

Vintage Moroccan rugs have in the near recent past filtered into the mainstream as the glorious object d’art for decoration whether at home or in the office space. These creatively designed pieces add some sort of spontaneity and a bold and powerful statement to modern interiors. Unfortunately, only one vintage Moroccan rug, the Beni Ouarain, … continue reading

Basic Guide to Moroccan Tribal Rugs

The obsession of Moroccan tribal rugs did not begin today. In the mid-20th century, popular designers such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Alvar Aalto used these rugs to modernize the earliest masterpiece interiors.  With eco styles, global and bohemian increasing in popularity in the west, the Moroccan Berber rug has found its comfort zone, with vintage versions easily selling for even … continue reading

Tips on Good Maintenance of Moroccan Vintage Rugs

Tips on Good Maintenance of Moroccan Vintage Rugs Tribal weaving is one of Morocco’s oldest and perhaps greatest artistic traditions, stemming from the Berbers who first inhabited the mountains and plains of the Atlas around 1500 BC.   In rural areas weaving still follows the pattern of village life.  Men tend to the sheep while the … continue reading

Beni Ouarain Lifestyle

Moroccan Beni Ourain Rugs If you love traditional style rugs, we believe that Beni Ourain rugs can give you the comfort and good taste that you’re looking for. These traditional rugs are 100% non-dyed and entirely made of wool. They are the real definition of luxury and warmth. All Beni Ourain rugs often feature geometric … continue reading

Handira History

Handira Our sequined, creamy Moroccan wedding blankets offer the truest taste of the traditional Berber culture. Popularly known as Handira, these wedding blankets are woven from sheep’s wool, linen, and cotton. Similar to most household accessories in the Berber culture, the handiras come from women from the Middle and High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. History … continue reading


Buy Vintage Boucherouite Rugs Online Apart from the excessively popular Beni Ourain rugs from Morocco, Boucherouite rugs are another mat design that keeps customers coming back to us. The Boucherouite carpet is timeless in design, extravagant in color, and all-time irresistible. This carpet brings to life pieces of old clothing that appears to find a … continue reading

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