An Overview of Moroccan white rugs


Moroccan Berber rugs, vintage Moroccan rugs or white Moroccan rugs are same just made up of different tools. All these rugs are made by the tribal people of  North Africa. They used to make it for their own purposes but nowadays it has become a fashion and people buy these rugs to decorate their homes.  These Moroccan white rugs are one of the oldest or ancient, unique traditional rugs that we still keep in our homes for the decorative purpose. The tribal people make these rugs by their own hand and with all the natural sources that are available.  Rugs are basically made up of :

  • Camel hair
  • Goat hair
  • Fabrics
  • Wool
  • And other natural raw materials.

Moroccan area rugs

  These Moroccan area rugs are basically made by the tribal people of Morocco.  They used to make these rugs to solve their own purposes like

  • To cover their floors
  • To cover their beds
  • They used it as a burial shroud
  • They used these rugs to cover themselves also.

They used to make these rugs thick to cover themselves because of the cold climate in mountains. They even make light rugs to cover themselves, because of the hot climate. According to the study they are basically found in Atlantic ocean and Sahara desert. These rugs are made up of white wools which the tribal people weave by their own hand.  This Moroccan white rug is one of the most traditional and oldest rug found. These rugs are so special that people haul for it to buy even with a high price to decorate their homes.


The origin of these rugs was stared million years ago. This rug making process was started from the paleolithic era. And from that time the weaving process passed on from one trial to another. They used to make handspun of clothes by their own hand and  they used to name them by individual tribal people, they used the raw materials like:

  • Cloaks
  • Rugs
  • And other raw fabrics

Reason to buy Moroccan area rugs

 People buy this Moroccan rug to decorate their homes.  Moroccan white rugs are much more beautiful as compared to the other Moroccan rugs. As white is still now attractive to all of us and the Moroccan area rugs are much larger as compared to other rugs. The tribal people nowadays make these rugs in numbers and try to sell them in local markets. But the modern rugs are available in industrialized markets with much more higher price and that to you won’t get the natural materials. But if you buy it from the local market you will get all the raw materials at a cheaper price

Conclusion:- Moroccan white rugs are much more beautiful than the other rugs and one of the most traditional and ancient things that you can keep in your home.

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