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Everything you should know about Taznakht tribe

Taznakht is a small town located in Ouarzazate province in the south of Morocco. Its located in the High Atlas Mountains and is a bedrock of different crafts. The economy of the Taznakht tribe Taznakht tribes are highly artisans. They have been practicing these crafts for hundreds of years. One generation of craftsmen transfers their … continue reading

Berber rugs with a storie to tell

Berber Rugs Have Stories to Tell

Berber Rugs Have Stories to Tell To the untrained or uneducated eye, aside from their colors, Berber rugs are renowned only for their bold and striking patterns. In many countries, a pattern is simply that, a series of shapes that have no meaning other than to provide visual appeal. If that is how you look … continue reading

How Berber rugs are made

Berber is a word given to all the tribes in Morocco, but each of these tribes has its own individual name. The result of this means two things. There is a wide variety of names given to specific Berber rugs, and not all Berber rugs are made exactly the same way, though the principles are similar.

Vintage Tribal Moroccan Atlas Zayane Rug

Berber tapijten om uw woning op een originele manier in te richten.

Elke huiseigenaar wil thuis een echte eyecather hebben De beste manier om een dergelijke ruimte te krijgen is het transformeren van uw reeds bestaande ruimte met specifieke decoratieve items die uw persoonlijke stijl weerspiegelt. In de loop van de jaren, is ontdekt door vele mensen dat een kleed een kunstwerk is dat de volledige blik … continue reading

Berber tapijten om uw woning op een originele manier in te richten.

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Op zoek naar Berber Vloerkleden?

Je bent waarschijnlijk op zoek naar een prachtig berber vloerkleed voor bij jou in huis, dit is immers de reden dat je hier op de site terecht bent gekomen. Berber vloerkleden zijn aankopen die voor een ontzettend lange tijd mee zullen gaan. Bij ons ben je aan het juiste adres voor alle mogelijke soorten Azilal … continue reading

A Moroccan Wedding Is Incomplete Without A Handira

Berber Wedding Blanket Handira is drawing attention of people from all over the world nowadays. These are very good-looking blankets which in reality are the capes worn by a bride (Berber) on the day of her wedding. The relatives of the bride make it with their hands and to make a Handira, many weeks are … continue reading

A Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow Is A Gem To Decorate Your Home

All those people who are looking to beautify their home have a great option in the form of Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow. Many designers and fashion houses have refashioned the gorgeous traditional craft and have relaunched this unique art in front of the whole world. The art has roots back to Moroccan tradition and in … continue reading

Boucherouite: The Ultimate Look

With globalization at its peak, the option to mix another culture with one’s is on the rise. People from all over the world like to beautify their home and they do various types of modifications to get the perfect look matching their style. Nowadays, the Boucherouite is very popular and our Berber shop offers a … continue reading

Which Berber Carpet Will Be The Right Choice For You?

It is a unique way of carpeting which contains small and large tufts made up of fiber. These fibers are generally woven into a looped construction or a cut pile. Normally it is seen that, there are two colors in a Berber carpet, a dark color is usually on a background of lighter shade. If … continue reading

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