Which Berber Carpet Will Be The Right Choice For You?

It is a unique way of carpeting which contains small and large tufts made up of fiber. These fibers are generally woven into a looped construction or a cut pile. Normally it is seen that, there are two colors in a Berber carpet, a dark color is usually on a background of lighter shade. If you ever come across any Berber carpet sale, never miss a chance to get one for yourself. They are easily available in different kinds of neutral colors and dark shades are also readily available. Not only this, you can even get them in vibrant and bright varieties. When it comes to material used in making Berber carpet, it is made up of wide variety of materials like nylon, olefin or wool.

Many Facets of Berber Carpets

For most of the homeowners, the number one choice as a solution to home flooring is the Berber carpet and that’s why they rarely miss any Berber carpet sale. These carpets are durable, stylish and can be easily cared for. A unique look appears in these carpets because of high-density of woven fibers and this quality also makes them highly resistant to get stains. As the fibers used in them are grouped and looped, they can be caught or snagged easily, resulting to the damage of carpet. This is more apparent when pets having long nails are present in home and when some toys of children catch on the fibers of carpet.

Wool Berber Carpet

In comparison to other materials, Berber carpet made up of wool costs more. It is highly durable and very soft, and your home will get a luxurious look and a comfortable feel. Wool bears the property of being hypo-allergenic, so if someone is suffering from any sort of allergies, they can certainly trust our wool Berber carpets. Because of the high quality and various advantages, this kind of Berber rugs is very famous than other blends like Nylon. In a simple line, a wool Berber carpet can be defined as a resilient and tough carpet which can be used for years.

Nylon and Olefin Berber Carpet

Like wool, some Berber carpets like the Boucherouite can be made up of nylon and costs less and it also bears the quality to withstand several years of abuse and use, and is reasonably resistant to most of the stains.

The Berber carpets which are made up of nylon or olefin costs even less than the carpets made up of total nylon or wool. However, studies have shown that the carpets which have olefin blended in them get discoloration and stains because of certain oil-based products. Olefin fibers get bonded with some specific oil-based types of stains and the carpet is damaged in an irreversible way.

Finally, it can be inferred that the affordability and advantages of Berber carpets over traditional ones is a big reason to opt them for your flooring. Look for any Berber carpet sale and bring these long-lasting, easily affordable and durable carpets to your home.

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