Our Beni Ourain rugs are made by people who incorporate fragments of their lives in the designs. These designs usually express femininity and nature, fertility or birth. We have also seen some stories of personal beliefs or rural life emerging from the carpets. Beni Ourain is a group of tribes that traditionally inhabits the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The Beni Ouarain are part of the Zenata Berber. The subtribes are Beni Bou Zert, Ait Azzou, Zerada, Imghilen, Oulad Ali, Beni Abd el Hamid, Oulad Ben Ali, Irhezrane, Beni Zehna, Beni Sahan, Beni Zeggout, Ouled el Faran, Beni Smar, Oulad Bou Ali, Ahl Telt, Beni Tan, Imrhilene, Ait Assou, Ahel Tada and the Beni Jelidassen.

They rear a special type of sheep from where the women get high-quality wool for making rugs and blankets for use, especially during the cold winters in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. The tribal territory is home to three milion sheeps, almost a quarter of the Moroccan sheep population. The Beni Ouarain retain the original Berber sheep breed know as Olit Izmern, a relatively small type which nevertheless produces two kilograms of long-fibred, curly wool.

Our vintage Beni Ourain rugs possess a spirit and a character. It is a reflection of the daily life of the women that make it. Most of our vintage Beni rugs are cream(ivory) in color, although differences in the tone are found depending on the sheep’s color. Our Moroccan Beni Ourain Rugs are a masterpiece with unique artwork that will beautify your home for a long time. We believe that you can pass the rug down for generations if you’re able to properly care for it, since the high-quality wool will never wear out nor the colours will fade.

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Weight28 kg
Dimensions377 × 192 × 1 cm