Our sequined, creamy Moroccan wedding blankets offer the truest taste of the traditional Berber culture. Popularly known as Handira, these wedding blankets are woven from sheep’s wool, linen, and cotton. Similar to most household accessories in the Berber culture, some of our main weavers are skilled women from the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

  • Ideal as a bed, sofa spread or quilt. Gives your room a glamorous Moroccan effect.
  • Vintage Moroccan Wedding Blanket. Traditional, Authentic, Vintage Handira, traditionally used by Berber women as a moroccan wedding blanket. Hand-woven using pure wool, embroidered and decorated with sparkling decorative silver sequins.
  • As this is a unique handmade piece there is only one item available.
  • Some tear and wear due to the vintage nature of the product.

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions185 × 100 cm