Of all the Moroccan rugs available today, whether vintage rugs or newly made, none are more of a mystery than Azilal. It is unclear how long they have been around, who were the original makers, or where the inspiration for these complex, intricate designs may have been. What is clear, is that these rugs are masterpieces that offer something very different, and yet somehow similar to our other rug ranges.

Named after the region of the same name, which reaches from the foothills of Middle Atlas to the Northern slopes of High Atlas, they are some of the most heavily decorated of Moroccan carpets, featuring beautiful color and designs that range from the geometrical or tribal through to images and symbols that can be traced back to the Berber’s unique written language. This gives a unique appearance that blends bold, bright color and ancient imagery that seems to come from another time, as much art as it is a practical rug.

Each rug has the same luxurious feel you can only find with genuine, 100% natural wool, and all are hand knotted on vertical looms by craftswomen following the traditional Berber methods for quality and superb durability. Genuine construction from genuine artisans in Azilal, whatever rug you choose, a piece of Moroccan history comes with it and into your home. Beautiful to look at and a joy to own, they have a tactile quality that is unique to the Berber craft, giving you a wonderful, unique object of astounding beauty for your home.

Each rug is unique, the image you see is the image of the rug you can purchase, with the hand-crafted construction ensuring no two will be the same. Whether you prefer the minimalist geometric designs or the complex, glyph style rugs, you can unlock the mystery of Azilal today and enjoy a truly one of a kind rug that will enhance any room or interior space.

Additional information

Weight12 kg
Dimensions306 × 164 × 2 cm