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Rugs Custom Made

Rugs Custom Made

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Although we stock a broad range of designs and sizes, certain spaces call for something different.

Our extensive array of designs can be adapted to create a rug that is perfectly tailored to your requirements. Colours can be altered, specific shapes and sizes can be ordered, yarns can be changed and patterns can be up or downscaled.

With the help of our dedicated team, you can choose between thousands of shades of colour, or we can match to a sample of anything you bring us. Designs can be fashioned into runners, ovals, circles, squares and more. We can even weave a rug to install as wall-to-wall carpeting.

Throughout the process we will show you renderings of the proposed design and how it might look, and may also make a small sample to check the new colours or materials. Weaving a rug to order typically takes two to three months, though very large or complex commissions may take longer. This wait, however, seems short when compared with the decades for which your custom piece will endure.

Please fill in the contact form and send us all requirements.

The weaving and wool quality of the modern Beni M’rirt carpets is excellent. They are hand woven according to traditional Berber weaving and they are incredibly dense and sumptuous.

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Beni Ourain is a group of 17 Berber tribes that traditionally inhabits the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They rear a special type of sheep from where the women get high-quality wool for making rugs and blankets for use, especially during the cold winters in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Our vintage Beni Ourain rugs possess a spirit and a character. It is a reflection of the daily life of the women that make it. Most of our vintage Beni rugs are cream(ivory) in color, although differences in the tone are found depending on the sheep’s color. The Vintage Beni Ourain berber rugs are hard to find. This rug is unique and in real good shape. We cleaned it professionally and thoroughly.

Our Moroccan Beni Ourain Rugs are a masterpiece with unique artwork that will beautify your home for a long time. We believe that you can pass the rug down for generations if you’re able to properly care for it, since the high-quality wool will never wear out nor the colours will fade.

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