Beni Mguild rugs originate from the western central Middle Atlas region of Morocco, and as with most regions, they have their own style. The weavers in this region like to take the designs commonly found in flat weave rugs, and adapt them to their pile weave, hand knotted creations. This creates bold, flowing imagery that captures the joyous character of the weaver herself.

A common theme with Beni Mguild rugs is the darker tones, with earlier rugs dominated by Indigo Blue, but examples also include dark reds and browns as well. Those darker colors provide a stunning backdrop for the design, and they create stunning and interesting effects through the natural ageing process. Our vintage range are carefully sourced to identify genuine, naturally aged rugs that have the character and patina that makes each a unique work of art in its own right.

Whatever your interior space, those darker colors and inventive use of shapes along with the beautiful Berber craftsmanship, create a superb piece of art that will be a conversation starter for everyone who sees it. The Beni Mguild rugs bring so much of the weaver’s character and passion for Berber craft with them, giving any interior space a flavor of Morocco and a reminder of the rich history that represents.

The colors and design may vary from piece to piece, but the pure wool, hand knotted construction, crafted by weavers using skills passed down to them through the tribe for generations, is always there. Each rug is a celebration of the skills of the women who made them, their creativity shines in the design, and that is the reason these rugs are so sought after.

Nothing compares to a truly hand-crafted rug, with our Beni Mguild range offering a broad range of styles, colors and ages to suit every taste and interior space.

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Weight25 kg
Dimensions230 × 165 × 2 cm