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We at Beni Ouarain Outlet offer textiles that are designed and created by traditional weavers from the High and the Mid-Atlas Mountains in Berber villages. It is the virtual home of some of the finest collections of authentic vintage Moroccan Berber mats and wedding blankets.

Our Berber carpets are both traditional and natural. They hold a sense of authenticity and purity that has been passed down for many generations from our Berber grandmothers. Our rugs are handcrafted using wool from a special sheep breed that is reared widely in Morocco’s rugged Atlas Mountains.

Our rugs, both Beni Ouarain and Boucherouite, are carefully handpicked and woven. We also sell vintage pieces with a rich history. If you’d like to have a piece of the Berber tradition in your home, our authentic, natural and unique rugs and blankets will be the most special thing you will ever buy.

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    Beni Ourain, Boucherouite and Handira 

blankets are pieces from a rich Moroccan Berber tribe tradition. These pieces have a soul and a character that can tell your story. The colors and patterns reflect the daily life of the Moroccans even though they may appear abstract.Beni Ourain is thick and warm since it is traditionally made to provide warmth during the chilly winters in the mountains. The Berber women also make the rugs to use as a shelter at the entrance of tents or as floor coverings. These traditional ways of knotting and weaving together with the motives have been passed down in our family from generation to generation. Our rugs are made to last for a lifetime and you will never have to replace them except when you need a change in designs.

It takes patience and passion to build a collection with the most amazing and captivating vintage rugs. Every rug that we sell is hand-picked with passion and love.