This range of vintage Beni Ouarain rugs blends the wonderful, vibrant designs and quality of traditional craftwork with the unique style that only genuine ageing can deliver. We work tirelessly to find these genuine vintage rugs, which are becoming ever rarer as time passes, finding pieces of superb quality that will enhance your home as both beautiful rugs and works of art.

There is nothing quite like the super-soft pile of hand-woven wool, it feels great to touch and brings a tactile, beautiful feel to any room. Berber rug weaving has been producing beautiful rugs for centuries, using an upright loom and hand knotting for a unique look and feel.

Our range of vintage, traditional rugs allow you to bring all that history to life in any room with a rug carefully sourced and selected by our team. The natural patina of age enhances the beautiful workmanship of the rugs, adding further authenticity to these wonderful pieces.

With a variety of designs, shapes and colors, you will find the perfect rug for any space, each with their own story to tell played out in the vintage appearance. The timeless designs fit well with any décor; however, the simple lines and subdued color enhance modern design perfectly, adding warmth to any space without overpowering the ambience.

With the Beni Ouarain reputation for quality, earned by the dedicated women who make it, the unique beauty of vintage Berber weaving and the soft, supple feel of aged pure wool, this range of vintage rugs has something for every taste. If you want to enjoy the finest examples of the Berber craft, then look no further. The images you see are the actual rug on offer, get your vintage rug today and bring the Berber tradition into your home.

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Gewicht25 kg
Afmetingen291 × 194 × 2 cm