Boucherouite rugs mark a significant change in the story of traditionally crafted Moroccan rugs. Instead of the pure wool used in those, Boucherouite rugs use cotton as the main material. They are still hand made with the care and attention that Moroccan rugs are famous for, and artisans from tribes across the regions still use the skills and knowledge handed down over centuries to create them. The change these rugs represents has had a significant, positive impact on the cultural, social and economic situation for the rural regions where they are produced.

The rugs themselves have a texture and feel all of their own, and in combination with the vibrant colors, wonderful patterning and exceptional, handmade quality that all Moroccan rugs have, make for an impressive piece in any living space. With these Boucherouite being made from across the region, there are a wide variety of designs, and whether you prefer the more subdued look or something that offers a more colorful approach, there is a Boucherouite rug that will suit.

The rugs here covered both new and vintage offerings, with vintage rugs having an attractive patina of age, but carefully selected to ensure they maintain the quality you expect. The unique, heavy texture of the Boucherouite rug creates a wonderful effect on the designs and colors, bringing their own feel and tone to your home. Each design is filled with the character of the Berber craftswoman who made it, giving you not only a luxurious, beautiful piece for your home, but a taste of the soul of Morocco too.

Our range of Boucherouite rugs gives you a range of unique designs to choose from, whatever your taste and style there is the perfect rug for you here. With their unique texture and feel, Boucherouite rugs offer a different take on Moroccan craftwork, while still keeping the luxury, beauty and handmade quality you expect.


Paino15 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat216 × 136 × 1 cm (senttimetri)