These Berber carpets are durable, stylish and can be easily maintained. Berber Rug look always unique because of the fact they are handmade by several tribes using different designs and and symbols. The quality also makes them highly resistant to get stains. In comparison to other materials, Berber rugsmade up of wool costs more. It is highly durable and very soft, and your home will get a luxurious look and a comfortable feel. Wool bears the property of being hypo-allergenic, so if someone is suffering from any sort of allergies, they can certainly trust our wool Berber carpets.

All of our rugs are of exceptional quality and have been steeped in our rich history. Every inch of our unique, vintage rugs represents a piece of Moroccan heritage. Woven into every carpet is love from a tradition created and perfected by our ancestors.

This passion has been passed down from generation to generation – a testament to the timelessness of these gorgeous pieces of art. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we’ll help you invite a little Moroccan magic into your home.

All of our rugs are hand-washed by members of our team, making sure they’re in pristine condition before starting their journey to your home. This process not only helps to preserve the quality of your rug, but makes each and every vintage piece look and feel brand new!



Paino24 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat303 × 195 × 2 cm (senttimetri)