All those people who are looking to beautify their home have a great option in the form of Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow. Many designers and fashion houses have refashioned the gorgeous traditional craft and have relaunched this unique art in front of the whole world. The art has roots back to Moroccan tradition and in the region of Middle Atlas Mountains, the wedding blanket was used to be worn by brides on the day of wedding; during the way to her husband’s home. The world also knows Moroccan wedding blanket as “Handira” and people from all over the world adore this beautiful handmade art.


The beautiful designs of Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow can be styled in many ways and your interiors will get an amazing and unique look. Your interiors will get some bohemian chic vibes which will make them look beautiful. They also look gorgeous in a space styled according to Scandinavian way. As these pillows are created from vintage wedding blankets, there can be some minor irregularities and some signs of age and use.


Traditionally, these Moroccan wedding blankets are known as Tamizart and Handira in some places. Most of them use to have patterned bands, with sequins and talismanic symbols. It is believed that sequins keep away evil spirits. Originally, these blankets were very time consuming and people used to start making one when their daughter was young. This way the beautiful blanket was completed till the time of her wedding and was also used as a part of her dowry.

But with time, tradition has faded and these blankets have become more of a global attraction. People from different parts of the globe are attracted to them and have shown their desire towards them. This increased the demand for them and people here started making them to fulfil the orders coming from outside world. There are some people or families who have some genuine and vintage Moroccan wedding blankets but they sell them in order to get a bigger amount in comparison to the newly made blankets. The buyers of these blankets either resale them or make Moroccan wedding blanket pillow from them.

Make One On Your Own

If you have a Moroccan wedding blanket, you can make a pillow according to the required size on your own. All you have to do is cut the blanket into two pieces according to your requirement (like if you want a 16-inch pillow, the pieces you cut should be of 17-inch). The different things you will require for making a pillow on your own includes some fabric stripes, a bottle of liquid glue, a needle and thread to do some embroidery work. While picking up the glue, you should note that it takes less time to dry because there are some glues available in market which takes as much as 24 hours to dry and this unnecessarily delays your task. Making or customizing a pillow on your own has the biggest benefit to get one as per your style. 


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