An eclectic mix of genuine, hand made Berber rugs from traditional makers all over the Atlas Mountains. While the variety of colors and styles on offer is impressively diverse, each rug shares common qualities. Hand knotted construction out of 100% pure wool, made on traditional vertical looms from women using skills handed down from generation to generation.

High-quality vintage rugs are getting harder to find, but we work tirelessly to find the very best examples for our customers. Here you see a wide range of colors and styles, reflecting the different makers that these wonderful rugs came from originally.

Not only is each rug unique, revealing the character and spirit of the artisan who made it, but the natural ageing of each rug tells its own story. From vibrant colors to expansive, geometrical patterns, the choice on offer is endless. The soft, tactile feel of natural wool, the detail and beauty of a hand-woven rug are found in every one of them though.

There is something very special about a traditional Berber rug that has aged a little. Each sign of use, the subtle fading of color, all bring something unique to the piece, and with them, a luxurious, one of a kind addition to your home. You can be sure that these rugs are truly unique, bringing a piece of Morocco with it and creating something wonderful to any living space.

Whether you prefer vibrant colors and complex patterning or the laid back, geometric shapes and subtler hues, there is a vintage Berber rug just for you. Take a look around and find the perfect piece to fit into your unique space at home. An investment in craftsmanship, these vintage rugs add wonderful texture, beautiful design, traditional artistry and Moroccan character to your home or any space you wish.

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 20 kg
Größe 286 × 195 × 2 cm

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