These mats have been an integral part of the nomadic lifestyle of the Tuareg for thousands of years, offering simple designs and unique materials, resulting in a beautifully original option for any interior space.

Hand woven using reed material, they use leather for the decoration design, retaining a simplicity that works beautifully with modern décor. With a range of newly made and carefully selected vintage pieces, our Tuareg Mats provide the best that this interesting variation on Moroccan style has to offer.

The simple designs reflect the life of their creators, a nomadic existence that went largely unchanged for millennia. Hand woven from reed., the simple leather decoration allows the intricate construction to shine through, clearly showing the skill and dedication of the craftswomen who made them, and who continue to create these masterpieces today.

Invoking a sense of functional beauty, the Tuareg Mats take us back in time, and with their beautiful, natural reed construction, provide a wonderful contrast with modern life. Our range includes carefully sourced, genuine vintage mats, along with a range of made to order Tuareg mats for you to enjoy.

Our mats are created by Tuareg weavers, using traditional methods and materials and traditional designs. They are hard wearing, designed for the rugged lifestyle of nomads, and make a wonderful addition to any living space.

The simplicity of these mats and the history that is woven into each one adds a unique flavor to your interior space, bringing the culture, ideals and vision of the Tuareg with them.

From the incredible craftsmanship to the natural materials, each Tuareg Mat is a culmination of a culture that has spanned thousands of years, maintaining its integrity as the entire world changed around them. Today, these mats achieve the same for your interior space, managing to be both practical and beautiful, old and new, all at the same time.

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Vikt29 kg
Dimensioner293 × 195 cm