Taznakht rugs

These exquisite Moroccan rugs will brighten any room, adding exquisite style, luxury and creativity to your home. Each rug is unique, hand woven and individually designed, beautifully made using age old traditional techniques.

The rugs are not just good quality, they are rugs with soul and beauty, made with love, care and commitment. If you’ve been lucky enough to go to Morocco, you will have seen Taznakht rugs being sold in the markets, mountains and souks of the cities. They’re colorful with bold and bright patterns, each rug an individual work of art.

People travel far and wide to get a Taznakht rug; so much so that they have become collector’s items. These rugs are made high up in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, in an area famous for its carpet weaving. Each thread and stitch is done with consideration, the rugs being not only about beauty but about skill, culture and tradition.

A Taznakht rug is a statement piece on its own. A rug like this does not have a designer feel. It is neither contemporary nor classic. It is Moroccan, north African, vibrant and alive. It is a rug that can be in a lounge, sitting room or bedroom, and it can be placed with any kind of furniture. It adds flair and artistry to a home.

Once you have one Taznakht rug, you understand the beauty. The rugs do not lonely look beautiful but they feel beautiful too. You can pass these rugs down from generation to generation; they will never go out of style. Tazhakht rugs are durable and strong, and are designed to wear well. As they get older, they develop more character, more charm, more individuality.

If you are wanting to add a bit of flair to your home, start off with a beautiful rug, hand designed and hand made by Moroccan women. These rugs are totally natural, no synthetic fibres are used and only natural dyes.


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Vikt17 kg
Dimensioner234 × 150 × 2 cm

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