Found in the Eastern part of the Haouz, the region around Boujaad produces some of the most beautiful Moroccan rugs available today. They have a similar course structure to the rugs made around the Middle Atlas, however the imagery and design within is very different from any traditional rug you may have seen from other regions.

While the designs incorporate the basic shapes associated with Berber craft, squares, triangles and lozenges, these rugs have a less formal arrangement, Designs are driven by the weaver themselves, using shape and color as a pictorial language to tell a personal story or message. In this way, these pieces are characterful and poignant, and like all good art, inspire thought and conversation.

The region has seen an influx of different groups, ideas and cultures over the years, and that diversity is reflected in the rugs themselves. The pile weaves vary, and while they may not have the history of some more established regions as a result, in combination with the expressive nature of the patterning and design, each piece has something different to offer.

Bold use of color and the spontaneity of the weaver in the way shapes are used create striking imagery that looks amazing in any setting. The contrast with the clean lines of a modern interior is particularly pleasing, but wherever you place a Boujaad rug, it stands out as a wonderful, tactile piece of art.

Our Vintage Boujaad rugs are painstakingly sourced to ensure quality and character. They bring the essence of Morocco and the spirit of Berber craft to your interior space. Hand knotted in the traditional way and made from pure, natural wool, our Boujaad rugs represent the best of the region, high-quality pieces that bring Moroccan tradition to life, with wonderful craftsmanship and beauty.

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Vikt22 kg
Dimensioner345 × 152 × 1 cm

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