These Berber pillow from Morocco are exquisite. Each one is creative, inspiring, abstract and individual, just like the Berber people.

The fabric is hand woven by Berber women, high up in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, in remote and wonderful places, using only natural products, natural dyes and ancient weaving techniques.

If you’ve been to Morocco, you will have seen the Berber people, bold, statuesque and colourful, steeped in tradition. The Berber women put deep love, thought and creativity into every single thread. They work deep and high up in the mountains, weaving each piece with utmost care.

Watching them at work is a true delight, a magical experience.

Anyone who travels to Morocco lands up with a few Berber items. The Berber pillows, carpets, blankets, cushions and horse covers are all exquisite; they are what make the Moroccan markets so vibrant and colourful. Berber fabrics are highly desirable decor pieces, but in Morocco, they are family, cultural and traditional items.

Each tribe having their own unique weaving style, think about that! Each Berber pillow you see is unique. When you choose a Berber pillow, you almost choose a tribe. The colours and designs are linked to the remote villages from where they come!

Berber pillows look gorgeous in the markets of Morocco, and look as gorgeous in high end stylish homes, adding charisma, charm and character.

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Vikt2 kg
Dimensioner60 × 40 × 1 cm