Blend traditional Berber craft, the skill and vision of the craftswomen of the regional tribes, and a touch of modern style and you have this impressive range of luxurious wool rugs. The geometric patterns and hand woven, soft wool provide minimalist luxury for any room or space in your home.

With the same rugged, time honored hand pulled construction, modern Beni Ouarain rugs are practical as well as beautiful. Beni Ouarain rugs are built to last, and they will look great for years making them a wonderful investment in your home.

From the artful style of Boucherouite rag rugs that give a bohemian feel that is both modern and retro style all at once, to the Azilal rugs that bring cool, vibrant tribal design to your home, there is a huge choice to cater to any taste or décor. Each rug benefits from traditional construction, using vertical looms, each wool strand hand knotted by a Berber craftswoman, her skills handed down from generation to generation.

Vibrant design and exceptional craftsmanship ensure your modern Beni Ouarain is a unique piece, the handmade construction ensuring no two are ever exactly the same. Each rug carries the spirit and character of its maker, bringing a piece of Morocco to your home, a reminder of the Berber tradition and the intoxicating, vibrant culture it represents.

Choose your style with confidence, each piece carried that handmade, all wool quality you deserve, offering a sumptuous touch of luxury wrapped in soft beautiful natural materials and hand-crafted design. Which such a variety to choose from, you can find the perfect option for any space, confident that each one features the quality, luxurious materials and long-lasting construction that you deserve and expect.

Our Beni Ouarain has it all, it’s modern, minimalist, traditional and classic, built to bring a touch of Moroccan Soul to any living space.

Additional information

Weight12 kg
Dimensions254 × 167 × 1 cm