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Beni Ouarain 1960 Vintage


The Story

Authentic, natural and a piece of the Moroccan Soul

In the last few years, modern interior trends have been graced by Moroccan rugs. Rugs characterized by high pile fluffs and thick knots of pure wool, like the minimalist Beni Ourain have become a center of attraction in many homes.

Moroccan Berber tribes traditionally used ‘flat weave’ techniques in creating an impressive array of different types of rugs. These include woven floor coverings without a thick knotted pile, blankets and kilim (called hanbals in Morocco). The designs of the rugs are captivating; featuring a simple harmonious intermarriage of color and often based on ordered geometric shapes. In a room, these rugs exhibit both drama and a sense of modernity at the same time.

The best Original Berber carpets are neither ‘aged’ or ‘quic fixed’ and became rarer with time, and finding an authentic pure  Moroccan rug can today be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. This Beni Ouarain rug from 1960 is the unique peace we hunted for a long time and was hard to get. Hope this rug will find it’s new home to create an authentic eclectic style

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Product Description

Beni Ourain is a group of 17 Berber tribes that traditionally inhabits the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They rear a special type of sheep from where the women get high-quality wool for making rugs and blankets for use, especially during the cold winters in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Our vintage Beni Ourain rugs possess a spirit and a character. It is a reflection of the daily life of the women that make it. Most of our vintage Beni rugs are cream(ivory) in color, although differences in the tone are found depending on the sheep’s color. The Vintage Beni Ourain berber rugs are hard to find. This rug is unique and in real good shape. We cleaned it professionally and thoroughly.

Our Moroccan Beni Ourain Rugs are a masterpiece with unique artwork that will beautify your home for a long time. We believe that you can pass the rug down for generations if you’re able to properly care for it, since the high-quality wool will never wear out nor the colours will fade.

Dimension: 3.20 x 2.22 ( m)

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